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Control Upgrades

mechanical thermostats with piezo ignitionStandard control is through a mechanical system with Piezo igniter and separate thermostat and thermometer however most customers believe it is worth paying more for upgrades to give finer control and reliability.

1. Combi Clock

a5 combi clock temperature controlCombines thermostat and thermometer with automatic ignition which will re-light the pilot in case of blow-out in seconds or provide immediate warning.

2. Computerisation

a6 computer super turbo temperature controlUltimate control where the latest option is a New Super Turbo Control with 5 Timer Settings, 5 Temperature Settings, standard slow melt feature, Turbo Control for say you are running late and need to melt the oil/fat quickly and Super Turbo Control that overrides the computer and switches the burner on full power before loading the pan.

Touchscreen interface can be custom-built to customer’s individual requirements.