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Buying a new frying range? Why Hewigo?

Hewigo is the leading manufacturer of frying ranges for fish and chip shops and take-aways in the UK. We have pioneered high efficiency ranges since July 2001 and have manufactured more of them than all other UK manufacturers put together.

Hewigo ranges have a reputation for value for money particularly in the high efficiency area where the technology is available at a price below that of Dutch ranges

Hewigo UK Limited would like to confirm that in light of the current Covid19 outbreak, that we will be operating as usual unless otherwise advised by Government Officials.

Thank you - Hewigo UK Limited Team

Range options

A standard Hewigo range is equipped with frying pans, baskets, chip box, display cabinets, motorised extraction systems, mechanical gas thermostat controls and manual bucket filtration. There are 4 areas where outlets can upgrade the performance of their ranges.

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