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Bucks Chippy, Leicester

Hewigo's investment in equipment and service pays off at Bucks Chippy

Leicester is one of those places that always seems busy and Bucks Chippy, run by Tim Louca, not far from the city centre, is one of those fish and chip shops that also seems always busy too.

To keep pace with the 'morning till night' custom, Tim has recently installed a Hewigo Advantage 4-pan High Efficiency frying range. This piece of frying equipment incorporates all the latest features that make Hewigo one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

Bucks Chippy, LeicesterIn addition to the high efficiency burners, certified to operate at 93% efficiency, the range boasts Hewigo's unique automatic filtration system, a servery counter extension which means the whole range will run the full length of the shop, candescent curved stainless steel panels with programmable multi-coloured LED lighting and curved edges for both cabinet and counter. Control is through an eye-level computerised temperature and timer facility. "The range looks amazing and is a joy to operate," says Tim.

"What I particularly like about Hewigo is not just the range but the whole package," he adds. "The service is fantastic, nothing is too much trouble. Everyone we have come into contact with, from General Manager Phillip Purkiss through to the engineers have a very positive attitude to help."

Tim, who originally purchased the range on the recommendation of his father-in-law George Charalambous at Charnwood, Shepshed, plans to open another shop very soon not too far away from Bucks Chippy. "The new Hewigo has already been ordered. We intend to do deliveries from the new shop and have one or two other ideas which means reliable fast equipment essential."

Phillip Purkiss of Hewigo says, "We have made several improvements to our fish and chip ranges recently. The key selling points are value for money for both standard and high efficiency ranges backed by strong 'on the doorstep' service, often by the person who built the range in the first place at our Oldbury factory. Progressive operators like Tim really appreciate this."

For further information contact Hewigo on 0121 544 9120