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Queens Fish & Chip Bar, Droitwich

New Hewigo range at Queens is a Sign of the Times

Perhaps the most dramatic change you would notice in the modern fish & chip shop, compared with a few years ago, is the stylish design of the fish & chip range. The finish has become almost as important as the function. As the centrepiece it often sets the tone of the shop.

The latest installation from Hewigo of a 4-pan High Efficiency range at Queens Fish & Chip Bar, Droitwich, owned by Jaspel Singh, is such a case. Yes, it incorporates what have become the usual stylish features such as brushed stainless steel, curved counter edges and integral LED lighting, yet that’s where the usual ends. This range has a full size, 3D sign, normally found on the outside of the shop, built into the front of the range. The effect is stunning but also has a functional value, as local regulations insist that exterior shop signs are turned off at night. This sign can be kept fully lit and clearly seen by passers-by.

The original idea was the brainchild of Jaspel’s son Mindy. “We wanted to do something really different and with the ‘Wow’ factor.” There is no doubt this has been achieved and the look is further enhanced by flat and sloping front panels and a back-lit crown motif formed by laser cutting into the stainless steel. The sign itself is flanked by multi-edged columns which reflect light from different directions giving a glitter-ball effect. Phillip Purkiss, General Manager of Hewigo UK says, “We were confident that we could pull this off and we always respond positively to customers’ ideas that push the boundaries of our engineering skills.”

Jaspel and Mindy are delighted. “The range has become a talking point in the town and we are seeing increased business as a result. Even though we’ve been in Droitwich since for nearly 20 years you have got to keep moving forward. The standard of our food is, of course, the most important thing and the high efficiency range performs just as well as it looks.” Phillip Purkiss adds, “This was certainly a different step but has given us experience that we can apply for customers who want that little bit extra. At Hewigo we are constantly striving to improve both the look and technical capabilities of our ranges.”

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